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Haiku and Loku Days-The Heart Beat

..."© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2012

To find and live in the harmony of authentic love-is that the ultimate goal? How many of us have not taken up the quest, at some point or other in our lives to find the perfect love and love relationship with another, or our own soul, or  the unknowable itself.  Perhaps whether we recognize it or not, we are probably on at least one of those paths at any given time in our lives -or even all three.  Though the paths may appear to be different, in love there is a convergence; ultimately love is one.

How much time and how much of our resources does any of us spend in search of our one true love in this life? How many times have we thought we found love in and with another, but later experienced a heart wrenching betrayal.  The wailing pain of the heart can be excruciating and the scars long lived and deep.  How could any one hurt another so?

Do we remember to give our own soul the same love and attention, the care and nurturing that it needs? Do we give it as least as much as had been spent on those temporal relationships? Are we true to our souls? Or do they wail in an eternal night from broken hearts and betrayal?

And is there an ultimate betrayal?  Have we been negligent in the search for and love for and with the essence of and beyond the soul? Is there an essential wailing in  the universe of creation? “…Many a dawn hath the breeze of My loving-kindness wafted over thee and found thee upon the bed of heedlessness fast asleep. Bewailing then thy plight it returned whence it came. ”

Authentic love, true love-are we the betrayed or the betrayers? Are our words in harmony with our deeds and our being? Ah, the heart and the paths of  love…

The Heart Beat.

You said you love me.
Yet your heart beat talks and walks
 With another’s words.
Severine by Louis Weldon Hawkins

Tales from The Teal Mango: A Love Story

I know someone…

Who knows someone who knows someone.  She  told me a story.

Once upon a time, as all stories about life are and begin, there was girl who had a brother who had a friend.  The brother and his friend had been in the service together remaining friends throughout their adult lives. But this story isn’t about them.

It is about maybe, a moment, years ago when the brother came home one weekend to visit his family on leave from the military, bringing his friend with him.  They started from the base early one Saturday morning to make the 17 hour drive, arriving late that night.  They left the following morning. But in that short amount of time, something eternal happened.  A boy met a girl and a girl met a boy.  No words were spoken but in the realm without words all had been said.

She told her brother that she was interested in his friend and to please let him know it would be okay to write to her. His friend told him that he was interested in his sister and to please let her know that he would like to write to her and  ask if it would be okay.  But like so many times in life, the moment comes and it goes and words that probably should be spoken are not.

Life goes on and even though some things change others do not.  High school is a time of social ritual,  and feelings, and that first date, of rides and roses and then rape.   Her father confronted her: How could she do this to him, her father. He was in the public eye. She would have to marry  her attacker and in his bed lie.  The abuse continued. One child became two, then three, then four. The abuse continued, then one child more.

At some point he abandoned her to poverty, left her on her own to feed, clothe and rear those children. And, at this point it doesn’t sound much like a love story.  But it is. It is now a story about her love for her children- the jobs she took that destroyed her health, the humiliation, and even derogatory comments from her own parents. Her pain and silent cry, re-occurring thoughts of suicide, all buried in the sleep of exhaustion in an unending darkness.

Finally the fifth child was through school and had been accepted at a college in another state hours away. She took her daughter there. Now it just so happened that  in that state lived another of her siblings, a sister, who invited her to visit, to spend the night.  After all it had been a long drive on a very long road.

This sister had also known the brother’s friend. He too had gone through life as many people do- matrimony and acrimony, bitterness  and blame,  marriage and divorce, so much the same. Interestingly, he had been invited for dinner the same weekend, driving another long road from another state to attend.

After that, she returned home.  But she made another trip- to visit him. And then she returned home again, one more time, to pack up the past to return home to her future.  He had told that if he had known she was  with child all those years ago, he would have married her and raised the child as his own. He loved her, and continued to love her. And she loved him. They lived a simple life with love for each other and for the children and for all the cats and dogs and living creatures around them that needed love.

She was with him this spring and this summer by his side with her love as he battled cancer.

He returned his love for her over and again trying to win. Love can save you from so many things, but not  from the end.

And those children returned that love over and over and again this year to be with her as she scattered his ashes over the bay.

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