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Redolent D’or

© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2015

An historic vibrant neighborhood is precious, glittering golden in autumn light. It is not just the sights, the sounds, but the smells. The SSB Drever and I walked in such a neighborhood today, the arms of the changing air wrapping around us, the falling leaves flitting down, waving before our eyes, flirting before dancing with our feet. The dusty, musty smells, fingers of earthy musk reaching up to us, inviting us into Autumn’s spell. Even the remains of vibrant Summer’s green succumb to the heady musk, numb to that which is to come.

 Redolent D’or


Woodruff in Autumn-© Jo Hewitt 2015

Woodruff in Autumn-© Jo Hewitt 2015

D’or Redolent 
Delicious Scent
Days Diminish to
Dusty Debris

Haiku and Loku Days-Gray Early November Morning

© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2014

October is gone, the grayness of November is definitely here. I am greeted today by gray: the gray of the sky hovering over the drying brown of leaves on the ground, little by little giving way to mottled sunlight.

Gray Early November Day

Dawn blanket of gray
Lifts, falls away. Light nestles 
On brown leaf litter.

~~Brrrrrrr~~ by Paula Ford

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