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Haiku and Loku Days-Clean the Refrigerator Day

© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2012

I don’t really like shopping. And I have a weird work schedule. And I have a dog-which means I go home immediately after work. There is a little co-op grocery near my house, but their hours are limited and many times don’t work for me. All of these factors contribute to me not buying groceries frequently in small amounts. So when I do make it out I buy enough to last me for awhile. I also bought into one of those organic produce delivery services that delivers every two weeks.

It sounds like a good plan. There is a snag though. My refrigerator isn’t quite large enough to comfortably manage the produce. It is almost a Bacchanal of veggies, piled on top of each other in there. This again is not a problem in itself, but I am a visual person. Out of sight out of mind too many times applies to me. Sometimes I forget what all I have in there. The produce metamorphoses into another life form.

Look at it this way:  maybe as you get older you lose one funk but gain another! Ugh!  I forget what is in the fridge. I forget where I have put the car keys. I can’t find my shoes or hat at times. I am practicing the “forgetful old lady” lifestyle now. By the time I reach old age I will be such a pro.

Until then, it is my day off and it is:

Clean the Refrigerator Day

forgot what I had-
a science experiment
that’s gone really bad

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