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Haiku and Loku Days-Coffee Hound Dreams

© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2012

I toss the residual old coffee and grounds from my French press outside. Sometimes I put it around a select plant or part of a flower bed. Sometime I just reach my arm out the door and give it a good fling onto the grass, especially since it is getting cold-coffee and weather both- we are nearing December first. Just as I flung the grounds, The SSB Drever came running. She was showered with coffee. Into the house and upstairs for a bath, right? She’s fast. She made a pit stop on my bed before I could get upstairs to corral her into the bathroom for a good shampooing.  I didn’t have time for laundry so she was clean, but my sheets were not. So…

      Coffee Hound Dreams

I am off to sleep
on coffee stained sheets. Coffee-
the dog’s dream-with cream.


The SSB Drever aka The Clydesdale Bullet

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