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There were different times in school, a teacher would ask us what we want to be when we grow up. I definitely did not want to be confined to one of the few socially acceptable options available for women at that time. Nothing wrong with being a mommy, a secretary, a nurse or a teacher. They were just not what I wanted to do or be.  I wanted to maybe be a spy, a comedy writer, a scientist, an architect, a linguist who was fluent in at least 7 languages (I like the number seven), an artist, a writer, a doctor, a healer, a shaman, or a mystic. Finally I realized that I wanted to be Leonardo Da Vinci, a renaissance man, or woman in my case. ( I love the word polymath.)

I have this horrible fear of being categorized, labeled and put into a box. I have a variety of interests and have studied a number of things and areas. But I am sadly not professionally fluent in any of them. If growing up means embracing that box, well then I may never grow up. But I have grown old, antiquated, obsolete. Just as one boxes up old stuff and shoves it in the attic or the dusty spider webbed corner in the basement or garage, I feel society is putting me in a box for not belonging, not conforming. I do not feel the here and now is my place. Do I belong in a time past, or a time yet to come? Is this box a portal to prepare, to let go and move on.


anatomia_leonardo_da_vinci-300x225Being Da Vinci

For ‘ere, when I grow, 
Da Vinci
I’ve wanted to be.

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