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Summer Camp Word Play

© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2013

I have never been to summer camp, but I have seen so many movies about summer camp experiences. One reoccurring  theme-bonding-something, someone, some event pulls a group of strangers into a pack who then experience a set of misadventures-something like life.

Today’s weather this morning felt like a summer camp sort of day and these words were swimming around my head, wanting to play.

Summer Camp

Sid spit into the fire pit.
Matt split, backtracked,
passed Pat as he 
packed the pack’s past pact,
pocketed under his 
zipper tract,
traipsing the trail’s trace.
Saranac Lake Summer Camp circa 1908
Saranac Lake Summer Camp circa 1908

Comments on: "Summer Camp Word Play" (1)

  1. Al Black said:

    I went to YMCA camp three times, I went to boy scout camp twice and church camp once. The YMCA camp I earned by selling the most candy and boy scout camp I earned by selling the most holly and Xmas wreaths; I was a demon salesperson. Church camp I paid for with lawn mowing money.
    I don’t know how it was possible, but I was grounded from some activity for acting up at every camp except church camp. Church camp was the most fun; boy’s and girl’s cabin and I was in junior high school many of the counselors were high age or early college age. We did a lot of singing a skits and the girls and counselors thought I was cute – we had crazy good times. Even sneaking out with some of the counselors.
    I enjoyed every camp I went to and would have loved to stay all summer. For years I wanted to be a summer camp counselor, but by the time I was old enough I was unsuited for the position and I could make more money doing other things. But, I still wish I could have been a camp counselor – Even now I walk in the woods and the sounds and smells bring back memories.
    I wonder if there is adult camp with tents and cabins – probably would not work though – can you imagine 20 50-60 year old men snoring and farting all night with many of them getting up all night to go to the latrine to pee.
    I laughing at this thought and all the pranks I could play.

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