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Well this is pretty self explanatory. There is a part of me that wants to go and a part of me that wants to stay a little longer. I would miss my kids, grandchild and the new one on the way, family and friends. But every day there are moments when I am in pain. And there are moments I feel as though I could be heading to the ground.

My job is to make the customers happy. I do that by showing them products that will make them look a few years younger. Some of them are nice people, some not so much. I have had a 40+ year old woman whine, stomp her foot and throw a tantrum because the product she wanted wasn’t on the shelf.  I come upon others opening box after box and if they do decide they want the product, they will take the one box they did not open. (I would hate to shop where they buy their groceries.) Sometimes, I wonder, if I were to fall to the floor in a heap in front of some of them, would they kick me to the side? Would they step over me or would they just step on me while throwing a tantrum or to get closer to more unopened boxes. How sad to have more money than substance.

It was a tiring day today. So I lie here-too much pain and too tired to do much of anything, too much pain to sleep. I wonder…

Blow Out the Candle

Chest pains, like labor              
Occur more frequently. So
When is my birthday?
In the Candle Light by Marek Langowski

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