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© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2012

Everyone has a story. And too many times the story may include a childhood that perhaps was not ideally nurturing and even much less than that. I carry long ago hurt deep inside me. Having been an introverted, sensitive child and a small one at that, I developed mechanisms to protect myself. My preferred place was the back of the room, behind something or someone, and when I was very young, under a kitchen table, an end table, or a quiet corner in a darkened room. When I had to face people, I hid behind a quick wit, sarcasm, and an acerbic tongue.  Time and life have moved on. I have encountered more pain along the way. But I have also encountered moments of joy and the bounty of genuine love from friends, family and sometimes even near strangers in those darker moments. And I have encountered other travelers with pain in their lives. When I overcome my fears, and move as a healing breeze among the people, then for that moment, at that meeting of souls, we move in a sphere of love.

                                            Healing Breeze

like a summer breeze,
move gently among people,
your spirit unbound.

The Passing Train by Marianne Stokes

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