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© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2012

I have reached that point in life, actually reached it quite awhile back. Light has shone upon my life to blatantly let me know that way too much of it is not in harmony with my soul. There is a daily uneasiness, a fumbling through the days, tripping over my own shadows; I am my own blind leading my own blind. The light has shone upon my darkness.

They say God opens windows and doors. I don’t think they have been opened. Maybe they have but the spot light isn’t directed there; I don’t see them. If I can’t see, I will feel; I will continue to fumble and reach for the sill or the door knob so I can walk out of this shadowy light into a light without darkness.

      Darkness In Light


I fumble in the
blaring dark light of my life
who am- I- lose sight


The Pink House by William Degouve de Nunques

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