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Haiku and Loku Days-Who:

© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2012

I voted this morning.

It has been a tough campaign for the voter. The constant barrage of divisive assaults. I have been watching and listening to and about many of the candidates for quite sometime time now. Honestly, there is none among them that I can whole-heartedly embrace. Yes some come closer than others. But not a one of the individuals for whom I can vote meets my standard. I have a vision of a society, of a world of such a degree of justice and mercy, a world that truly values the individual regardless of gender, nationality, age, race, ethnic background-in fact these material world and temporal world “differences” are merely colors and cultivars in the garden of the human race. a world that understands the value of the relationship of the individual with the collective. It is a dance of give and take, rights and responsibilities, times to step out in victory, times to concede, always with the wisdom that in one is all and in all the one.

I want a world that understands the importance of the resources needed to achieve it and maintain it-education, opportunities for self respect through respectable employment.  I want a world where the powers that be understand the human rights of these opportunities and the basic human right of  clean air, clean water, (and therefore, also understands and gives respect to this generous earth in the process), safe and healthy foods, safe and secure communities and families, and, definitely a world where no one nor any group or business perverts any ethical, spiritual, moral or religious teaching for their own greedy gain.

Well, I don’t have that world, that country, or that government. This is what I have-the USA of 2012. So how do I vote? What criteria do I use to make the best choices from among candidates who, many, long ago lost their “moral compass” assuming they ever had one.

Whom do we choose,whom do we choose?

Babar. Babar.

It is not so easy today as in the Babar the Elephant books.

But I have a simple philosophy to guide me on considerations of the candidates and here it is.


will cause the most harm,
cause the least amount of harm
maybe do some good,
throw us a few bones,
and will strip the least amount 
of flesh from our bones?

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