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One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind last spring when I heard of the Arab uprisings against tyranny and injustice, against unjust governments and the response of cheers from a number of Americans across the board and the support from American leaders was what if this happened in the US? What if the American people arose against the injustice inflicted upon them from mega corporations, from the banking and financial sector, the triad of Big Pharma, the AMA and the insurance companies, from a government degenerate with intense greed and devoid of even the basic ethical foundation? Now I have an answer to the question with the police actions against the Occupiers of Wall Street.

I look at connections and relationships. I see connections between spiritual laws, natural laws, concepts governing science, mathematics, economics, and human behavior. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Or consider catalysts, activation energies and turning points in chemical reactions. Any group of people can be pushed with injustice for so long. The time and conditions may vary, but the concept is still true. Any system can take in only so much energy before there is inevitable change; one can blow up a balloon only so far and it will burst. I feel we are reaching a turning point. We are close but not quite there yet.

Are people bodies with perhaps a soul, or perhaps souls with bodies. Whether there are merely natural laws or spiritual laws, they each supersede contextual temporal civil laws. If we are merely bodies, there are limits to the physical, mental, and emotional abuse that a corrupt system can inflict upon a group of people. Even a wild animal, or even a devoted dog has a limit and will protect itself. If we are souls with bodies there are greater consequences to injustice inflicted by one human over another or over the collective. When a soul finally acknowledges the injustice it must speak out. And if the soul is so deadened it can not see the atrocities, when enough crimes are committed against the human body, it will speak out and it will be a blood bath.

A lesson from biology lectures: A good parasite never kills its host. The best parasite actually lives in a symbiotic relationship with its host. The super rich, the corrupt politicians, the greedy corporations are not good parasites. They have sucked an excessive amount of blood and destroyed systems. They are killing their hosts-the people whose labor and lives have provided them with their riches and power. Their greedy choices are destroying yet another host, a gracious and patient one-the earth.

There are lessons everywhere. When one breaks down food into its essential form to create the molecules, the cells, the tissue, etc that make up the physical form of a human being that is the vehicle for such complex and lofty good, there is much destruction, some of it quite violent. Think of the intensity of the stomach acids.

We are in a stage of the collapse and destruction of some old ways that really do not serve humankind its path of evolution. Perhaps the Mayan prophecies hold some truth, but not in the way one might think. Perhaps it will be the end of our world, but in the sense of the collapse of economic systems, political systems, and excessive materialistic life style that really do not serve us as individuals, collective societies or the earth in general. We will not explode from terrorists but implode from the destructive choices we have made around the world for many decades. For every action…

Years ago a friend told me that the Chinese symbol for chaos is make of two other symbols-danger and opportunity. Look around. It is a world fraught with dangers of many kinds that can affect our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. There are many negative effects. Danger and opportunity. In the uprisings and upheavals can we have the courage to take a stand for ethics, for justice? Can we grab the golden ring of opportunity to build lives and societies that truly serve us as a world human society and aid us on our social and spiritual evolution that is our destiny as human beings?

Pause, reflect, meditate, pray. Make conscious and conscientious choices. This is your life and your (our) world. We only get one. Make it the best.


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