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Haiku and Loku Days-But I Don’t Have Everything Planted Yet!

© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2011

Summer-heat and humidity- and I are not friends. We abide each other because that is the way it is. We play a game every year. I try to get my gardening and outdoor work done before it comes. Usually Spring is my ally and helps out where it can. But I think lately there has been some coercion among the seasons. The past few years the usual order of the seasons has been gone; Spring didn’t co-operate with me this year. I started early today to dig, plant, and mulch. But summer came, unannounced, and knocked me down by midmorning. Tag, I’m it. I could chase it around and try to catch up. Or, I can just fold my hand on this hot humid May day, make some iced mint tea with lemon and honey, and say “Summer Heat and Humidity, you win.” For now, anyway. Ah, tomorrow’s another day, and the game is afoot.

But I Don’t Have Everything Planted Yet!

Poised- spade in my hand.
Humidity plays-straight flush.
I fold up my day.


Living plant sculpture at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

Living plant sculpture at the Montreal Botanical Gardens


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