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Remember your first bonfire and, more importantly, the first time the grown-ups let you roast your marshmallow all by yourself? The flames flicked off the branches. The mesmerizing dance of yellow, orange , and red, with the occasional spikes of green or blue seemed the best place to roast that marshmallow.

But too many times it fell and was obliterated by the fire. If you were lucky, you might salvage an amorphous blob -part burnt charcoal and parts never even warmed.  But if you had aimed for the embers, which many time are harder to access, taken the patience to find them, and the patience to roast the marshmallow there, you might have ended up with a perfectly roasted confection, a delight to the senses.

Love is something like that. The flames of love in youth are so enticing, the hypnotic lure, oh, the thrill of jumping in! The flames burn brilliantly for awhile, and then, are gone. And many people are left with a handful of ashes with something raw inside.

Watch the fire for a while; look for the embers and see how they burn-soft, glowing, and a source of the longest lasting flames. They will carry you through the night with their heat. And when all seems dark, give them a nudge and the heat will still be there.

Marshmallows in Autumn


Aim for the embers,                                                                                       
The flames always burn too fast.          
Embers roast just right.









Comments on: "Haiku and Loku Days-Marshmallows in Autumn" (2)

  1. hoosierinthelandofcotton said:

    Too many memories to recount, but mine were always burnt to a crisp – patience was never my virtue.

  2. Marshmallow’s or relationships?

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